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Episode 413: Our Fake Candidate Meets The People

Lam Thuy Vo

Note: This episode originally aired in October 2012. Listen to part one of this series here.

As you heard last week, we've been creating a fake presidential candidate based on the best ideas economics has to offer, a dream candidate too perfect to exist in reality. We came up with a platform, with the help of a panel of economists. We hashed out the disagreement among the panel. We brought in political consultants who laughed at us, but also gave us some great messaging ideas.

Today, we take it to the people — or, at least, a focus group. We find out whether these economically sound ideas can get anyone's vote. We even create a couple real ads for our fake candidate that you get to hear. Give a listen and tell us, would you vote for us?

For More: Watch the ad about ending the mortgage-interest tax deduction, and the ad about legalizing marijuana.

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