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German Authorities Evacuate Soccer Stadium After Receiving Bomb Threat


And now the latest on what we know from Germany where it's been a tense evening. Authorities in the city of Hanover canceled an exhibition soccer match between Germany and the Netherlands 90 minutes before it was to begin. They say they were acting on concrete information about a bomb attack inside the stadium. German chancellor Angela Merkel and several other politicians were expected to attend the match in a show of solidarity with France.


Spectators were evacuated and people who live in the city were told to stay at home. No explosives were found and the German interior minister has so far refused to explain why police took such drastic measures. The German newspaper Bild is reporting that the French secret service had warned Berlin about a North African group. The paper says the group was planning to carry out an attack using explosive devices and automatic weapons. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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