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Kasich's Office: Trip For Netanyahu's Speech Costs $3,462

Office of Ohio Gov. John R. Kasich
Ohio taxpayers picked up the tab for Governor Kasich's trip to Washington to attend a speech given by Israeli Prime Minister Benajim Netanyahu.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s office says his trip to attend Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress this month cost taxpayers about $3,462.

The amount was released Tuesday to The Associated Press after a public records request.

The office says the expense covers airfare, airport parking and hotel rooms for the Republican and two staffers, who include his former campaign manager.

The cost doesn’t include potential state expenses for security that could have accompanied Kasich.

Kasich is considering a 2016 presidential bid, though his spokesman says the trip had nothing to do with that.

Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel also attended the speech.

His office says Mandel didn’t use taxpayer money, though Ohio paid almost $692 in expenses for an adviser who joined Mandel at a separate meeting.