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Electronic Medical Records: Part of Health Care's Future

Older patients, caregivers and doctors all face hurdles in trying to talk with one another. Studies show the transfer of information is often compromised for a number of reasons - from time restraints typical of a doctor's office visit to hesitation on the part of some patients to question a physician. WOSU is launching a special series of news reports. These reports are part of a partnership with the Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging and former Ohio Department of Aging director Judith Brachman. The series focuses on ways to Improve Health Literacy through Communication. You'll hear from patients and doctors, caregivers, nurses, pharmacists and mental health care providers on what works and what needs work in keeping the channels of communication open. Today's topic -electronic medical records *** "Improving Health Literacy through Communication" is a partnership of WOSU, the Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging and Judith Brachman. Support is provided by The Columbus Medical Association Foundation, Cardinal Health and the Columbus Foundation. ***