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Composers Incorporated: C.O.D.E. "Gets Real" with Donald Erb

One of the most satisfying aspects of a good concert can be the visceral impact of seeing other everyday people, some of whom you personally know, perform onstage. It sounds so simple, but the mystique of the performer can often obscure the empathy and sincerity of their performance.

The Columbus Ohio Discovery Ensemble, aka CODE, does a fantastic job of stripping away the affectations that keep listeners at bay while providing very new and exciting musical experiences. In essence, they know how to keep it real.

Ohio-born and bred composer Donald Erb had a fantastic sense for how to use music as a tool for communicating intuitively. In fact he stated one of my favorite quotes about composers:

“A composer is like everyone else. You get up in the morning, put on your trousers, eat your wheatcakes, and go to work. It’s interesting work, but you’re just doing it.”

(Taken from an interview with Bruce Duffie at Orchestra Hall in Chicago on February 28, 1985.)

So, it seems only fitting for Michael Rene Torres to have programmed a free concert with the Johnstone Fund for New Music and the C.O.D.E. ensemble of Erb's works. 

Check out more details on the Facebook event page here.


Credit Sincere thanks to the Erb family and estate for use of all photos
Sincere thanks to the Erb family and estate for use of all photos
American composer, Donald Erb, (January 17, 1927 – August 12, 2008)