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Unmute Episode 1: The Music of Fallout 3

Mildred Pierce, CC
Gameplay from Fallout 3

Think video games are just for teenage boys? Think again – video games are a massive industry that are producing a huge variety of incredible music that we’ll explore throughout this five-part series.

I’ve always been a lover of video games – some of my earliest memories are sitting with my sisters around our dusty computer and taking turns playing my dad’s copy of Doom. I’m especially in love with the music of video games. They’re wildly diverse and expertly composed, and they each lend their games a unique voice.

In this first episode of Unmute, we’re going to explore the music of Fallout 3, a thrilling game with an excellent score by Inon Zur.

Since this episode was recorded, Zur was named the composer for the Fallout 4 soundtrack. The game is set to be released November 10, 2015

Visit composer Inon Zur online - Purchase Fallout 3's soundtrack

Music in this episode:

  • Main Title
  • Ashes and Sand
  • What Remains
  • Never Surrender