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'Flying Cars' Coming To Springfield Airport

Matt Chasen, CEO of LIFT Aircraft.
Matt Chasen, CEO of LIFT Aircraft.

The first “flying car” in Ohio was unveiled last week at the Springfield-Beckley Airport. LIFT, a Texas-based aerospace company, is developing the aircraft. The HEXA is an electric, single passenger, wingless muliticopter. It looks more like a drone than a car.

is partnering with the Air Force Research Lab at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and the state of Ohio to continue developing the aircraft.

Matt Chasen, CEO of LIFT Aircraft, says the Miami Valley’s deep history in aerospace development makes it an ideal area to establish operations.

“To think that we’ll be testing and developing our HEXA aircraft right where the Wright brothers first tested their groundbreaking new aircraft 117 years ago is incredibly exciting for us,” Chasen says.

JP Nauseef, President and CEO of , says bringing companies like LIFT to the state is an important part of preserving and growing the Ohio workforce.

“Our mission includes investing in the infrastructure, businesses and human capital to make it all come together," he says. "Today is a perfect example of that mission brought to life”

Currently the HEXA can stay in the air for about fifteen minutes and travel about ten to fifteen miles.

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