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West Dayton Stories: Choosing...Me, Us We

courtesy of Tiffany Brown

For many people, voting is considered a sacred act. As we mark the transition to the Biden-Harris administration and look forward to the next four years, we hear from nurse practitioner and wellness advocate Tiffany Brown. She shares her thoughts on the choices she faced in the most recent presidential election. Here’s her West Dayton Stories commentary.

So before voting in this last presidential election, I asked myself a couple of questions. What are the choices? How does my heart decide? Or is it a decision to be made by my mind, putting feelings aside? Well, I must admit that I was feeling myself, because our VP candidate graduated from an HBCU, vibes on stage to Mary J. Blige, and recognizes the power of choice and voice.

As she said these powerful words during a speech on the campaign trail, “We'll need to work, organize, and vote like never before, because we need more than a victory on November 3. We need a mandate that proves that the past few years do not represent who we are or who we aspire to be.”

And I agree. This election was about aiming higher in hopes for better tomorrows.

Because for the past four years, the Office of the President seems to have been borrowed, occupied by some sort of hard, crusty, carnivorous arthropod, that’s spineless on the inside, that crawls around and devours all the little guys--which was hard to watch. So, I wanted to look away and look within, to the sacred spaces that only I can find, where I choose me, us, we; Black women and girls continuing to breathe and embrace the promises of equity, peace, justice, and liberty. I hold onto these in honor of my ancestors, who inspire me to keep believing that there are better days ahead. And I'm definitely here for it: The debut of Biden-Harris in 2020 and beyond, for a presidential office that is more sensible, compassionate, classy, and calm.

West Dayton Stories is produced by Jocelyn Robinson at the Eichelberger Center for Community Voices and is supported by CityWide Development Corporation.

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Tiffany Brown
Jocelyn Robinson is a Yellow Springs, OH-based educator, independent media producer, and radio preservationist.