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West Dayton Stories: Balancing Family, Business, and Personal Lifestyles During COVID

Love'Yah Stewart

Jaylon Yates is a self-made boss. That’s how he got his stage name, SMB Jay. Even in the best of times, he’s got to keep a lot of balls in the air, let alone during a pandemic. Here is his COVID commentary:

In November 2019, I released a music project titled Co-Creator. I spent maybe a year and a half preparing for its release. I had a career year. I had created a lot of momentum, landing placement for my clothing designs at a local store, being out in the community connecting with the people, and opening for a Detroit artist whose career is pretty solid. After the release, I kept the momentum going, performing as much as I could until the end of January.

Being an entrepreneur really has its challenges. On a daily basis, my tasks range from balancing family, business, and personal lifestyles. Sometimes you can lose track. Fresh into February there’s conversations about a Pandemic. At first, I didn't think much of it, because in my lifetime we’ve never experienced anything like it. But then things changed. The project wasn’t doing what I’d expected, considering the amount of work I put into it, and then everything was beginning to shut down. During that time I caught myself juggling too many things at once: interning at City Hall, managing my branding, and marketing myself. Knowing my plate is already full, I pushed forward anyway. Then came the shutdown.

Everything was at a standstill. For the first time, I think, in anyone’s lifetime, the world was on pause. Time’s passing, but everyone can finally get a break, feels like. I tried to keep my motivation through quarantine, but by the end of it I had completely let all momentum die out, not even being active with my market. I didn’t let the whole quarantine go to waste, though. I feel I learned a little more about myself and the people I allowed around me and my personal energy.

But then, my mom caught COVID. Normally I’m cool, calm, and collected, but I know my mom could tell I was worried. But through prayer, faith, and a lot of anxiety, she made it through with no symptoms other than head congestion. All you can do in times like these is thank God.

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Jaylon Yates
Jocelyn Robinson is a Yellow Springs, OH-based educator, independent media producer, and radio preservationist.