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Book Nook: Inventing Equality-Reconstructing the Constitution in the Aftermath of the Civil War by M

The historian Michael Bellesiles returned to the program to discuss a crucial period in American history. Constitutional Amendments are serious matters-this examination of the legislative processes that took place to pass Amendments #13, #14, and #15 is essential reading.

As we consider the volatile times in which we are living today and the legislative stalemates that have bedeviled us for years we might think that these fraught circumstances are somewhat excessive when compared to our past governance. As you read "Inventing Equality-Reconstructing the Constitution in the Aftermath of the Civil War" you'll probably recognize that the extreme positions some politicians are taking today pale in comparison to the charged atmosphere in our Congress following the Civil War. Looking back at this time period provides us with a better sense of perspective for comprehending our current affairs.

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