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Book Nook: Fair Game: A Jackson Flint mystery, Yellow Springs, Ohio, by Scott Geisel

For the past several years I have been fiddling around with writing a crime novel. As I have fiddled I kept thinking; should I really be setting this story in Yellow Springs, Ohio, or not? I would shift from one view to another and think OK, Robert Crais lives in Los Angeles and he sets his novels there and while the late Ed McBain lived in New York City he set most of his crime novels in a place that seemed just like New York City but wasn't. What to do?

Well, Scott Geisel has helped me to decide by publishing his first Jackson Flint mystery. It is set in Yellow Springs. Scott did it first. His story is a real page turner that features a private eye who is a classic Yellow Springs kind of guy. And this novel is also a loving tribute to this very unique community.

So I guess I'll set my novel in Purple Springs, Indiana. Thanks, Scott!

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