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Book Nook: Land of Wolves, by T.J. Turner

Vick Mickunas' interview with T.J. Turner

T.J. Turner returned to the program to discuss the second book in his series that imagines an alternate history of our American Civil War. In the first book "Lincoln's Bodyguard," the author created a story line in which President Abraham Lincoln was not assassinated at Ford's Theater in April, 1865. Instead, Lincoln had been saved by his bodyguard who is also the main protagonist in the first book and in this new one "Land of Wolves."

As this second installment opens we find the former president and his bodyguard are living quiet lives Tennessee. But their peaceful existence doesn't last long. By the time this story concludes Lincoln and his bodyguard have headed out west where their story converges with that of General George Armstrong Custer.

The author has fun threading real history into his alternative one. In this interview Turner mentions that his next book will be a prequel to the first two novels and that it will be taking place before his version of history diverged when Lincoln was spared from that assassin's bullet.

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