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Winning Victories for Humanity: The Nonprofit Leadership Institute for Community Action

  In this episode of the Antioch Word, you’ll hear interviews conducted by podcast co-host and  Miller Fellow Rachel Isaacson about the Nonprofit Leadership Institute for Community Action. The Nonprofit Leadership Institute for Community Action is an initiative funded by the Yellow Springs Community Foundation to help students at Antioch earn credit while they accomplish victories for humanity broadly and here in Yellow Springs. Today’s podcast features interviews with Rick Kraince, the Dean of Cooperative, Experiential, and International Education, about what the institute is and what it can provide to students and the wider community. Then, we’ll hear an interview with Luisa Bieri, an instructor of Cooperative Education, about the fundamental importance of community engagement. Lastly, AJ Fouts, a current Antioch student, about how the institute assists her personal goals and helps students feel confident going forward into the workforce, and into their lives upon graduation.



This episode was produced by Rachel Isaacson, current Miller Fellow at WYSO and co-host of The Antioch Word, a podcast for the Antioch College community, about Antioch College written and produced by Antioch College students working at WYSO.

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Rachel Isaacson