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Ohio's Annual Tax Free Holiday Returns In Time For Back-To-School Shopping

Sergey Galyonkin/Flickr

Ohioans in the market for school supplies will be able to shop tax-free this weekend, thanks to the state’s annual back to school sales-tax holiday.

It’s the third year the state has held the event. Tax-exempt items include clothing under $75 and school supplies under $20. There is no limit on the number of items purchased, officials say.

Craig Shearman of the National Retail Federation says tax holidays can make school supply shopping much easier for lower-income families.

“When a wealthy family saves five or 10 percent by not paying sales tax it doesn’t really make a huge difference in their life, but when a lower-income family can save that same five or 10 percent it can really make a huge difference," he says. "For some families it simply means their children are going to have school supplies or not.”

Shearman says tax revenues can actually increase over the holiday, because many shoppers attracted by the event also buy non-tax-exempt items.

Ohio’s tax-free weekend starts Friday and runs through Sunday.