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DeWine Outlines Best Practices For Drug Abuse Prevention Education

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine
Statehouse News Bureau
Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine

The state attorney general is calling for schools to disclose what kind of drug education they’re providing to students, from their first days in class through graduation from high school. 

Credit Statehouse News Bureau

Attorney General Mike DeWine has said educating kids is a key to fighting Ohio’s opioid crisis, which he says is the worst drug epidemic he’s ever seen.His office released a new report calling for comprehensive, evidence-based drug education starting in kindergarten.

“I’m afraid that unless we educate our kids about the dangers of substance abuse we will have a generation who sees drug use as a normal activity.”

One recommendation DeWine highlighted was for schools to report to the Ohio Department of Education exactly what they’re teaching kids on the issue already. However, as of right now these are just recommendations and there are no moves yet by lawmakers to require anything.

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Andy Chow (Statehouse News Bureau)