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Introducing Counter Points, A New Politics Newsletter From Howard Wilkinson

Ronny Salerno

Howard Wilkinson knows a lot about politics. That's what happens when you cover government for more than 45 years. So if you've ever wished you could sit and chat politics with him over a cup of coffee, now every Wednesday, you can. Kind of.

Introducing Counter Points with Howard Wilkinson, a new weekly politics newsletter from WVXU launching Jan. 22.

What's It About Exactly?

A little bit of everything from local, state and national politics that impacts the 2020 election, delivered once a week on Wednesdays beginning Jan. 22. In it, our senior political analyst will share news and insights on the headlines dominating the week – much like he does in his "Politically Speaking" column for wvxu.org.

Speaking Of… How Is This Different From His Column?

While that day's column will be shared in the newsletter, Counter Points will not just be a rehash of that day's story. The information shared in Counter Points is exclusive to Counter Points and will not be posted anywhere else. We're talking tidbits Wilkinson hears on the ground or scuttlebutt he gleans during calls with party leaders.

What's more, Wilkinson wants to hear from you. If you see things happening in the realm of politics you'd like him to address, shoot him an email simply by replying to the Counter Points email that lands in your inbox. He'll look into your question or thoughts and may include it in an upcoming edition.

Counter Points is also different in that it has an end date – you will stop receiving the newsletter soon after the November 2020 election.

Sounds Great! How Do I Sign Up?

You can sign up here. WVXU values and respects your privacy and the information you submit is for Cincinnati Public Radio's private use only and is not shared with any other organizations.

What If I Change My Mind About Receiving This Email?

You can unsubscribe here at any time.

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