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We Are Turning Off Comments On Our Site. Here's Why

We here at WVXU want to let you know that after much thoughtful discussion, we will turn off Disqus and disable commenting on our site as of Monday, Oct. 14.

You're likely wondering why and the reason is two-fold: First and foremost is spam, and the time members of our staff spend deleting such comments. The other reason is that not much conversation happens on our site anymore—as more people get their news from social media, we have found that the conversations are happening in those channels, and thus is where we should focus our efforts for productive and civil discussions around news both regional and national.

Please know we did not make this decision lightly, as community and communication are important to us. We still want to hear from you! You can reply to our stories on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, or send us an email with your thoughts at wvxu@wvxu.org. For Cincinnati Edition, you can contact us through any of the above social media channels or send an email to talk@wvxu.org. As we actively monitor all of the above, we will do our best to respond to all comments, questions and feedback that are part of a civil dialogue.

Should you have any questions or concerns, you know how to reach us.

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WVXU Staff