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Local Business Teaches Anxiety Reduction During Mental Health Awareness Month


A local Sharonville business hopes to give people techniques to reduce stress during Mental Health Awareness month.

During the Monday workshop, participants will discuss the impacts anxiety has on the mind and body.

Mark Levine owns Minds at Peace, which is hosting the event. He says mindfulness is a quick reset people can do to reduce anxiety.

"When we are not being mindful, we are being mindless," he says. "It means we really are just automatically responding to a situation."

Levine recommends doing breathing exercises to slow down the heart. He says anxiety can range in feeling from restlessness to fear.

"It's all about changing how we relate to situations," he explains. "We can't change what goes on in the world. We can change how we choose to relate to what's going on."

The workshop will take place Monday, May 13, at 6:30 p.m. at Good Therapy Suite in Sharonville.

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