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What to Do If You Fall Behind on Your Rent in Akron

Lots of rental assistance is available right now due to federal CARES Act funding. To get access to rental assistance, call 211 or call Akron Summit Community Action at 330-376-7730.

You may need to provide a lot of information about your income and living situation, so it can be helpful to have pay stubs or tax returns nearby when you call.

If you have fallen behind on your rent, reach out to your landlord to explain your situation. Your landlord may be willing to accept a partial payment, even if you can’t afford to pay rent in full. Communicate using emails or text messages if possible so you have written records of your correspondence.

For help with utility bills, call 211. The City of Akron is also offering utility assistance to qualifying residents through its Akron Cares program.

For food assistance, the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank offers drive-thru food distribution twice per month. To find a food pantry or hot meal near you, call the Foodbank help line at 330-535-6900.

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