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Akron Nonprofits Discuss How to Navigate Government Shutdown

The partial government shutdown is in its fifth week and Akron-area nonprofits that depend on federal funding are discussing what to do if it continues to drag on.

There is really no definitive playbook for government shutdowns, but Christine Mayer with the GAR Foundation said nonprofit leaders who have steered organizations through past shutdowns suggest planning week-to-week.

"Doing the projections and the budgets and planning what this looks like if the shutdown goes one more week. What it looks like if it goes to the middle of February and beyond that."

She said about a dozen nonprofits, from the Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park, to housing services, to the Battered Women’s Shelter met to discuss how best to continue offering services during the shutdown.

Mayer said for right now, programs that many residents depend on like HUD housing vouchers are still funded, but area nonprofits need to have plan if the shutdown marches on.

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