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The Cordial Sins

Formed in 2017, The Cordial Sins comprise of Liz Fisher, Corey Dickerson, and Kyle Edwards on vocals and guitar, John Allen on bass, and Mike Ortiz on drums. They bring Alternative Rock together with Indie, Dream Pop and Shoegaze for unique atmospheric textures.

Not Enough
“Not Enough” is one of Cordial Sin’s singles released in 2018. Liz Fisher, lead vocalist, says that she was intrigued by feelings of nostalgia and “the desire to feel more connected” during the making of the song.

Sick of the Hype
“Sick of the Hype” is one of Cordial Sins’ singles released in 2018. The song sends a strong message to the music establishment denouncing its role in encouraging white male dominance in the industry.

“Cruel” is one of ≈’s newest singles released in September 2019 which is part of their forthcoming EP, “In Memory”, which is slated for release on October 25, 2019. Fisher says that the song “touches on the guilt [she] felt from a previous relationship,” and how she came to terms with it.

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Meet The Musicians

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The Cordial Sins consists of from left to right: John Allen (bass), Corey Dickerson (guitar and background vocals),Liz Fisher (lead vocals and guitar), Kyle Edwards (guitar and background vocals) and Mike Ortiz (drums).

Interview with lead singer and guitarist, Liz Fisher.

The Origin Story
(Liz) Corey and I began playing together as early as 2012, but really feel like the band “began” in 2016-2017 when we started releasing singles and music that has helped establish our sound.

When we were trying to come up with a band name, we were throwing around idioms and a previous band member misread “The Cardinal Sins” as “The Cordial Sins.” These days, I think it’s tricky to come up with something original that hasn’t been taken, and we really wanted something that was our own. So, we rolled with it!

Give us the lowdown on your sound
We loosely describe our sound as Alternative Rock with Indie, Dream Pop, and Shoegaze influences. We like to play loudly, but really work on creating atmospheric textures and enough room for each voice to have its place. Artistic influences (that shine through our recordings) include Radiohead, Wolf Alice, My Bloody Valentine, and The Breeders, just to name a few.

Let’s Get Deep!
Does being an Ohioan influence your music in any way?
I’m sure it does, although we wouldn’t know any different since we’ve been here most of our lives! Ohio, and Columbus in particular, is a really interesting place. I think we’re bursting with artistic and creative energy and also have to find inventive ways to get our art out into the world.

We don’t have a longstanding and established music industry here; but rather a diverse music scene that has really carried stories and histories across decades. I also think we are uniquely positioned to live in a much more affordable city that provides opportunities to tour outward, which is really nice!

Quick Questions!
What was the first album (or cassette or CD) you ever owned?
This may be embarrassing but it was obviously Christina Aguilera’s self-titled debut! My early jams!

What do you listen to on the road during your tours?
We listen to a variety of albums, but some I like to pick are Alvvays’ Antisocialites, The Strokes, The Breeders radio, Baby 81 by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, new releases as well as various podcasts. Corey is also kind enough to turn on the Sleepy Time playlist when he’s driving and all of us are resting!

Favorite venue to play in Columbus?
Rumba Cafe!

Jeni’s or Graeter’s?