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Broad & High Presents: Mistar Anderson

Mistar Anderson’s story began in 2011, before the band even existed. Back then, vocalist Eric Rollin, drummer Andre Walker and guitarist Ryan Sullivan performed as a hip-hop cover band called This Hip-Hop Project.

By 2013, they were putting out original music and soon started performing as Mister Anderson (which later became Mistar Anderson). Bringing on trombone, sax, bass and keys, the band incorporated jazz, funk and soul sounds into their hip-hop music.

Para Mi / Brother B
“Brother B” is just a remix of the old “Brother B” song the band previously released, drummer Andre Walker said.

“So “Brother B” is basically a song about a dude I just met, like, not more than three days ago at the Walrus. And he’s a guy who, you know, he’s cool as heck. He just never seems to remember (lead singer) Eric (Rollin) when he sees him,” Walker said.

Jonezin Fonzey
“So ‘Jonezin Fonzey’ was basically a sample from, like, a 1950s big-band record. … [Our song is] mostly a cross between big-band jazz and hip-hop. So that’s where you kind of get the two different parts from,” Walker said.

What’s Mine Is Yours
I just wrote about sharing stuff and connecting with people because I feel like that’s missing in a lot of this world,” lead vocalist Eric Rollin said.

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Meet The Musicians

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Mistar Anderson consists Eric Rollin on vocals, Andre Walker on drums, Elaine Mylius on trombone and Dave Swank keys.

The Origin Story

On the Band Name
Eric Rollin: I remember there were a couple of reasons (for the name), but I remember they kept going back to the nemesis of The Matrix. Because originally it was Mister Anderson with the -er. And then we changed it to an -ar.

And I’m glad we did because now it’s easier to search or find us if it’s -ar. Because there isn’t anything else spelled “mistar.” And then “mistar” has the word “star” in it. We’re stars, you know.

Fill in the Blank

If you like ___, you’ll like Mistar Anderson.

Eric: If you like pizza.

Elaine: If you like to chill.

Andre: If you like tofu. If you like to breathe.

Eric: I like that – if you like air.

When we’re not performing, we’re ____.

Andre: Painting really anything, but lately it’s been turtles. I’ve been painting turtles. I’ve got a show coming up in November at Rehab Tavern, and it’ll be up all November. So if somebody wants to come buy some Andre Walker drummer-producer-weird-dude turtles.

Why turtles?

Andre: I try to use them in a social stand point of view. People aren’t threatened by turtles usually. So I can kind of maybe make someone think about something they wouldn’t think about by presenting it through a turtle.

Elaine: I do crafts – lots of crafts. I make a lot of jewelry. I use a lot of crystals. I made my wallet.

David: When I’m not performing, I’m typically preparing to perform.

Band members: [Laughs]

David: That’s about all I get to do, man. That’s what I love, but it’s a full-time thing.

Eric: I’m either sleeping – because I like to get a lot of rest so I’m fresh for whatever’s coming. I like to scooter. … I love to walk, and I just love listening to music. I love listening to new music; I love to find music.”

___ is Central Ohio’s best hidden gem.

Andre: It’s Loving Hut.

David: Eden Burger is one.

Elaine: I was going to say Portia’s Cafe or, like, Accent On Nature

David: Almost half of Mistar Anderson is vegetarian or vegan.

Elaine: Lalibela, the Ethiopian restaurant. It’s on the East Side.

Pineapple on pizza is ___.

David: Delicious

Elaine: Yes

Andre: Yes

Eric: No, pineapple needs to be by itself.

Elaine: I will not appreciate a pizza unless it has pineapple on it.

Eric: I can’t appreciate a pizza unless it has pepperoni on it.

Elaine: I’m vegan – I don’t get cheese on pizza. Put some pineapple on it.

Andre: Man, I’m going to get some vegan cheese and call it a day. If three out of four people say it’s good, it’s good.