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Broad & High Presents: Kashis Keyz

This collection of performances from Columbus rapper Kashis Keyz lays out the story of his musical career. Although each song is from a different project, “In totality the entire performance is a story through my life. It wasn’t told in order because it wasn’t supposed to be,” says Keyz.

High Stakes
High Stakes was the intro into the Karma’s Skating Rink album (2019). “That song,” Keyz says, “describes me being fed up with some of the things that were occurring and how I was gonna change that.“

January 26th
January 26th, reflecting the date the song was recorded, is off Keyz’s new full-length album Rookie Year (2020) which was produced by DJ Astro. “This album was monumental for me,” Keyz said. “The pandemic stifled it a bit and a lot of adjustments had to be made, but I think that’s the biggest representation of a rookie year than anything: the trials and tribulations of starting something and getting hit with all these challenges.”

This song also touches on Keyz’s relationship with his grandmother, who two years ago suffered two strokes in a three-week period. Kashis tells us his grandmother recovered and is doing better now, but the second verse addresses the realization that life is fleeting and every day is a gift.

The Uncensored Truth (Spoken Word)
Kashis says: “This was a poem I created as a result of being in a group with Coty Jude. It’s called T.U.T. The Uncensored Truth.” Together they go into schools and community centers to perform for youth with messages of self-empowerment centered on the Black Lives Matter Movement.

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