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Broad & High Presents: Drift Mouth

Drift Mouth is a Columbus band comprised of Lou Poster (vocals, guitar), Jess Kauffman (Bass, Vocals) and David Murphy (Drums, Vocals). The band formed in 2014 and their sound can be described as a mix of country, bluegrass, punk, and wild garage. This mix of genres is also known as “Garage Americana.”

“Starling” tells a story about leaving a bad situation. According to Lou, it’s told from the perspective of a person that “has no choice but to stay behind.”

The Book Of Allison
“The Book Of Allison” is a song inspired by a conversation Lou had with his friend regarding his friend’s tattoo. The tattoo is the name “Allison” across his chest, but when Lou asked about her, his friend replied: “Read my book.” Instead of reading the book, Lou wrote this song.

Loveridge Is Burning
“Loveridge Is Burning” is the first song Lou wrote for Drift Mouth. He wrote it almost 10 years prior to their first rehearsal. The song is based on a true story of a mine in West Virginia. The mine was supposed to revitalize the economy and employ many people while extracting the coal from the gas-filled seam that contributed to the Number 9 Mine disasters in 1954 and 1968. However, the mine caught on fire and burned for years until it was extinguished by a jet engine.

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Meet The Musicians

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From left: Lou Poster, Jess Kaufman, and David Murphy

Interview with Lou Poster

Lou answers some questions about his guitar, his favorite Ohio beer, and what musicians he’d like to meet.

The Origin Story
I formed the band in 2014. Brad Swiniarski and I had been recording these kinds of songs for some years at that point, and I wanted to start playing them out. The first recording was a retirement gift for my father. When he retired from the coal mines in West Virginia, I was a broke musician, so the only gift I could muster was some songs.

I wrote “Loveridge is Burning” and a couple other tunes. [I] tracked those and a few covers, and gave it to him in 2006.

How did you come up with your band name?
A drift mouth is the entrance/exit of a mine that runs along the seam, or drift, of the mineral being extracted.

Give Us The Lowdown On Your Sound
I was in a loud and heavy garage band for many years called Grafton. I think the sound of Drift Mouth is an assimilation of the early influences that country and bluegrass had on me, and the punk and wild garage that I got into around the time I moved to Ohio. They’re calling it Garage Americana now. I guess that makes sense.

I generally do most of the writing on my 1955 Martin acoustic guitar, because it’s always close at hand. Then I bring it to the group and we mess with it until the arrangement and overall sound sits right.