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  • John Carroll University will move forward with a decision to allow the university to remove certain tenure protections from the faculty handbook after the board of directors voted this week to reject a counter-proposal offered by faculty.
  • John Carroll University faculty members are outraged after the school’s board of directors voted Monday to eliminate tenure protections. The board pointed to financial “hardships” as the rationale for removing the protections from the university’s faculty handbook. Described as a “scalpel” approach, individual John Carroll faculty members can be fired without cause when the administration projects an annual budget deficit of 6 percent along with two additional years of budgetary “hardship.” Those terminated will not be able to appeal their firing.
  • John Carroll University is in the process of updating its faculty handbook, but what seems like a routine piece of university business has caused an uproar among the faculty. ideastream's Ida Lieszkovszky spoke with Morning Edition host Amy Eddings about the proposed changes and concerns. What's going on at John Carroll University with the proposed faculty handbook?
  • A tenured professor has a job for life. Every year at Ohio State University, an estimated 225 faculty members complete the extensive process of applying…