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Ann Fisher (right) hosting an episode of All Sides with political reporters on April 18, 2022.
An episode of All Sides weekly reporter roundtable is recorded in the WOSU talk show studio.

WOSU 89.7 FM offers award-winning local and NPR news and information programs with a highly engaged listening audience. Radio has long been a stalwart companion to those seeking the most current news in the world.

Business sponsorship of public radio programming creates trust with the hard-to-reach audience of highly educated, well-traveled and knowledgeable listeners.

The content informs decisions and inspiration to fuel creativity.

The NPR State of Sponsorship Survey from April 2021 finds that 82% of listeners take some form of action in response to hearing a public radio sponsorship message, 73% of listeners hold a more positive opinion of a company that supports public radio and 70% of listeners prefer to purchase products and services from sponsors of their public radio station.

Program sponsorship provides a brand lift and enhances your corporate image with concise sponsorship messages in a high-credibility environment. Corporate sponsorships create trust for your brand with the exceptionally devoted WOSU audience by connecting your brand’s sponsorship of a community asset that they value.

Each 89.7 NPR News sponsorship message is 20 seconds long and includes personalized messaging for your advertising, marketing, philanthropic, DEIA, corporate social responsibility and/or employee engagement needs. Your messaging will be broadcast on 89.7 NPR News and it will be heard on 89.7 NPR News’ streaming audio channel online and on the  WOSU Public Media mobile app.

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