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Verdi’s Requiem to be Re-Broadcast for Good Reasons

Yesterday, March 8, nearly student 200 musicians from all backgrounds and religious creeds gathered on stage at a public university to offer up one glorious, united Requiem. I can think of nothing more pertinent and altogether necessary.

Ohio State University’s production of Requiem was the product of two semesters’ worth of rehearsals and preparations, and it showed. The OSU Symphony Orchestra played exceptionally well under the direction of Marshall Haddock, and the choirs were an illumination to the talent and work ethic of the choral faculty.

Verdi’s work is inherently dynamic, and that can be quite a roller coaster, vocally, for choral singers and especially for the soloists. Chelsea Hart, Dr. Katherine Rohrer, Professor C. Andrew Blosser, and undergraduate powerhouse Jaman E. Dunn took the solo material on with aplomb. It was a testament to the vocal talent that is walking through the halls of Hughes every day.

Here is the one caveat: don’t let this be the one concert from the Ohio State University School of Music that you attend or listen to on-air this year or even this semester.

The house was packed yesterday, but there are dozens of other concerts with these same talented musicians that deserve audiences.

Jaman Dunn, who sang yesterday is the same young man who conducted the student-led orchestra last week. The choirs, glee clubs, and individual instrumentalists all have recitals and solo works that are not to be missed, and most of those performances are free of charge. You don’t have to donate millions of dollars to support the arts, all you need to do is show up and listen.

Singers, orchestra, maestro, and soloists: Bravi, Tutti!

For more concerts at Ohio State and more opportunities to support young musicians check out the Events Page, and for great insight on Verdi’s Requiem check out Christopher Purdy’s blog post.

The best news is that you can catch this performance again on-air on Sunday, March 22nd at 1pm, and rumor has it that the Ohio State Choral Department will be collaborating with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra to sing the work again in April. Stay tuned.

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