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Tech Tuesday: Ohio State competing in major esports tournament

eSport gamers play League of Legends during a competion.
Joueurs de League of Legends au Meltdown Paris
Wikipedia Commons

Picture it, a stadium full of roaring fans.

Two teams emerge ready to compete for the championship. The teams sit down, pick up their controllers and begin to play.

Esports, otherwise known as competitive video game playing, is growing in popularity.

Ohio State has a team, and this weekend all the Big Ten teams are traveling to Columbus to compete in the Esports championship.

In Knox County, a proposed solar energy project is causing division within the community.

Disney has invented a system of modular, tilting floor discs. It’s called Holo Tile Floor and it works like an omni-directional treadmill, where you walk on the tiles but essentially stay in place.

It’s a cool feature, but exactly how does it work and why might it change virtual reality as we know it?


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