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Untangled: The problem at home

All Sides Presents Untangled: Housing Crisis from WOSU Public Media and the NPR Network.
As part of a new series called "Untangled," we're asking several questions in an effort to untangle central Ohio's housing crisis.

During this hour of All Sides, we're launching a new series from WOSU called "Untangled," where we take a complicated topic and untangle it for you. We pull it apart and put the facts together in ways that are easy to understand.

This season we’re untangling the housing crisis: Why do members of Gen Z feel like they will never be able to afford a house? Why do older millennials and GenX feel stuck in their starter homes? Why are boomers finding themselves priced out by property taxes?

Over the next six episodes, we’re going to explain how college loans, childcare, inflation, construction costs, corporate rentals and zoning laws have raised the cost of homes in central Ohio beyond what the average buyer can afford.

This is episode one: the problem at home.


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