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Tech Tuesday: Remaining challenges in closing the digital divide

Fabio Lanari
Wikimedia Commons

One-third of Appalachian residents in Ohio lacked high-speed internet in 2021. That didn’t take into account those without internet access at all.

Closing the digital divide was the goal of the infrastructure bill the Biden administration passed two years ago. There’s been progress, to be sure, but hurdles beyond the challenging topography remain.

One of them came to light last week when Spectrum sued AEP Ohio over the slow pace of permit approvals delaying broadband projects by months.

There’s an app that shows you all the places your face turns up on social media.

Your Facebook profile. Your Instagram account. Your Venmo Account. Your LinkedIn profile. Tech startup Clearview AI is testing the legal and ethical limits of what’s public and what’s private.

After years of Zoom meetings, more online video calling is low on the list of what many people want.

But Google is working to flip that script and make video calls much more human.

Their new prototype named Project Starline could revolutionize video calling with 3D video.



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