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Tech Tuesday: Columbus State launching a center for IT training

Columbus State Community College Sign
David Holm
Columbus State Community College Sign

The demand for skilled tech workers just keeps growing and growing.

In central Ohio, job postings for software developers and other computer occupations surpassed 1,000 in July.

Area colleges are ramping up their computer-related and tech-specialty courses to be able to fill jobs for Intel, Google, Facebook and other companies.

Columbus State Community College will launch and lead a new $7.5 million dollar national center focused on information technology and training.

The popularity of e-bikes is booming, especially among teenagers.

Yet, a rise in serious accidents, even fatalities, is raising questions about the safety of this transportation mode and the need for federal regulation.

Some models can be easily modified to operate at faster and more dangerous speeds. Plus, some of the lithium ion-batteries can catch fire.

It’s September, the month Apple traditionally rolls out its newest phone.

On Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook will unveil iPhone 15, along with an array of other products.

One likely change will be a USB-C port instead of a lightning cable.



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