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Tech Tuesday: Smart Columbus focusing on digital access for all residents

Thibaut Demare
Creative Commons/Flickr

In 2016, Columbus won $50 million dollars in grants to transform the region into a high-tech metropolitan area of the future.

The money paid for autonomous vehicles like the Linden LEAP shuttle, more charging stations for electric vehicles, and new apps and interactive kiosks.

The grant money is gone and Smart Columbus is pivoting to focus on digital access for all.

Scammers are getting more sophisticated in how they flim-flam consumers.

They’re texting attention-grabbing messages and links supposedly from your bank or cell phone company.

And the crooks are using artificial intelligence and voice cloning to create the sounds of loved ones in peril.

Last year, more than 68 million Americans lost money in phone scams. The median loss was $1,400 per person.

Twitter owner Elon Musk recently changed the iconic blue bird logo to a simple X.

It's part of his plan to transform the app into the “everything app,” though exactly what that looks like has yet to be seen.



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