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Wellness Wednesday: Examining the use of drugs to lose weight


Obesity is more than just a personal weight problem.

Obesity is a complex disease that increases the risk of other health issues such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

One in four Americans face challenges with excessive body fat. And one in five children and teens are headed there.

Drugs sold under the brand names of Wegovy and Ozempic are proving effective in combating obesity. But these drugs were originally designed for patients with Type 2 diabetes. Using these drugs for weight loss is a newer trend that presents more questions than answers.

Fungal infections on your skin or nails can be common and are treatable, but some infections can be more serious. Deadly fungal infections are proving resistant to medicine and medical experts warn they could only get worse.

Do you feel as old as you are?

Many consider themselves to be young at heart and “feeling” younger actually correlates with longer, healthier, and more satisfied lives.

Beyond just feeling younger, so-called SuperAgers are older adults with the memory equivalent to someone half their age, and their habits may help boost your memory too.



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