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Tech Tuesday: Video game players frequently dressing up as avatars

 a video game controller

Playing dress-up has entered the digital age.

Young video game players are increasingly dressing up avatars to represent themselves in the virtual realm.

In fact, half of Gen Z'ers change their avatars’ clothing at least weekly, and drop a pretty penny doing so.

The esteemed Parsons School of Design has taken note of these shifting fashion trends, offering a first-ever avatar design course called Collab: Roblox.

The ultimate goal of the space race in the 1960s was landing on the Moon!

Today all eyes are on Mars, this once unthinkable ambition is now talked about as a plausible mission.

Travel to the Red Planet would be hard, taking nine months cooped up in a tiny spacecraft. To say nothing of surviving a landing or the inhospitable environment.

The thin air there is almost entirely made up of carbon dioxide, and the temperatures are as cold as Antarctica.

To prepare, four crew members will live for a year in a small 3D-printed habitat that simulates the Martian environment.

At its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June, Apple unveiled an array of updates and new products.

But none was as highly anticipated as its mixed used headset – the Apple Vision Pro.

Apple CEO Tim Cook called it a “new kind of computer.”



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