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Wellness Wednesday: The aging trajectory of the brain

brain illustration
The Digital Artist

We’re used to getting our height and weight measures as a routine when we visit a physician, but the brain is changing too.

An international team of researchers collected brain scan data from multiple studies to learn more about the aging trajectory of the brain.

Mountain Dew is an old nickname for moonshine. But it’s perhaps better known as a soft drink developed in the 1940s by a pair of Tennessee beverage bottlers and was later sold and tweaked by a Virginia company. Pepsico eventually acquired the recipe and turned the lemon lime flavored drink into a household name. Now that name may be returning to its hard liquor roots and that has public health officials worried.

Americans over 50 are pushing themselves to new athletic heights, including marathons, Iron man races, and other feats of endurance, and so-called extreme sports.


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