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The 'Smartphone Liberation Movement' by teens


Teens spend an average of seven hours and 22 minutes a day on their smartphones.

Some teens are bucking that trend, and ditching their smartphones all together in what’s been called a "Smartphone Liberation Movement."

Globally, the U.S. has the highest percentage of older adults living alone, compounding the amount of loneliness, and worsening physical and mental health problems.

The tech industry has offered a host of solutions, from a robotic yellow lab retriever pup named Jennie to an AI companion named EllieQ, but the rollout of tech buddies has been a bit bumpy.

Google has owned the search engine space for decades, becoming the go-to for fast information at your fingertips as well as a verb, where you can simply “Google it.”

Microsoft would like to change that, as the company is reportedly working to turbo-charge its Bing search engine using a more advanced version of the AI technology that underlies ChatGPT.


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