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Wellness Wednesday: The connection between mental clutter and mental health


Despite the extremely cold weather outside, it won’t be long before people begin spring cleaning.

The pandemic gave people a chance to clean out closets and other living spaces that had become cluttered. Not only were spaces cleaner but people found they also felt better mentally.

We’ll delve into the link between mental clutter and mental health.

We will discuss the Thinx brand underwear products, which are designed to help women with menstrual hygiene, which were found to contain potentially harmful chemicals.

This stands in contrast to the brand's marketing of their products as a safe, sustainable and healthy choice for women.

We’ll look at the controversy surrounding the Thinx brand and what it means for consumers.

And new year, new diet, or maybe a new detox. One that involves intermittent fasting or a focus on juices or adding or subtracting certain foods.

We talk with an expert about some questions you should ask before making any significant changes in your diet.


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