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Tech Tuesday: How safe is cloud data storage?

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Are you “cloud-complacent”?

Do you keep your most important digital information somewhere in the huge digital warehouse provided via tech company servers, somehow or other confident that nothing bad could happen?

If you work through Google and are a typical digital data hoarder, you probably won’t have many problems with space. If you work through Apple, you get less storage space, but can stow your data into infinity and beyond for just $10 a month. Meta has no end to its storage space. But are you sure that any of it is really safe?

To discuss the prospects of losing all that precious data, we talk with Kashmir Hill, tech reporter for the New York Times.

Agricultural machinery giant John Deere signed an agreement over the weekend that aims to allow farmers and independent repair shops to fix the company's increasingly high-tech tractors.

The agreement comes after years of campaigning from farmers and repair advocates.

We talk with Kevin O'Reilly, who is the Right to Repair campaign director at the Public Interest Research Group, a federation of independent, state-based groups working on issues such as consumer protection, public health and transportation.

Healthcare giant Abbott wants your blood, and with the help of some new mixed reality technology, the company hopes it can get it from more people.

Russell Holly, Managing Editor for Commerce at CNET, joins us to discuss the new technology.


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