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Tech Tuesday: Breakthrough in nuclear fusion power

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Researchers at the National Ignition Facility in California have achieved what's being described as a major breakthrough for nuclear fusion power.

For the first time, a fusion reaction produced more energy than was put into it and became self-sustaining.

Coming up, we talk about what happened, why it’s significant and how far off is the reality of clean and abundant energy.

We welcome Carolyn Kuranz, associate professor of nuclear engineering from the University of Michigan, to explain the breakthrough.

Sam Bankman-Fried agreed yesterday to be extradited to the United States, where he has been accused of defrauding customers of his cryptocurrency exchange company FTX. It's the latest development in a story that began with the collapse of FTX in November.

Jacob Bogage covers the economy, finance and technology for The Washington Post and has been following the story.

Russell Holly, Managing Editor for Commerce at CNET, is here with the last minute gift ideas to save your holiday season.


  • Carolyn Kuranz, Associate Professor, Nuclear Engineering, University of Michigan
  • Jacob Bogage, business reporter, covering the economy, technology, finance and policy for The Washington Post
  • Russell Holly, managing editor for Commerce at CNET

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