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Bills that ban the teaching of 'divisive concepts'

A protestor at the event against "critical race theory" confronts a counter-protestor by reaching for her umbrella, and later tries to grab her phone. About 50 protestors were at the morning event at the Ohio Department of Education, as the state Board of Education held the second day of their monthly two-day meeting inside.
Karen Kasler
Ohio Public Radio
A confrontation at the anti-"critical race theory" protest at the Ohio Department of Education on September 20, 2021, between a counter-protestor and a supporter of bills to ban the teaching of what sponsors call "divisive concepts" on race, history and public policy.

Divisive concepts means one nationality, color, ethnicity, race, or sex is inherently superior to another nationality, color, ethnicity, race, or sex. Bills to ban the teaching of divisive concepts are being introduced around the country, including here in Ohio.

Today on All Sides with Ann Fisher we’ll get perspectives on the bill from those in support of, and against, it.


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