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Tech Tuesday: Connected Vehicles

highway in Columbus
Gabe Rosenberg

Tampa, Florida, is one year into a high-tech transportation experiment to connect drivers and cars to real-time data and move them more safely and efficiently along roadways.

The city of Columbus embarks on a similar pilot program in February, when it begins recruiting hundreds of drivers who will test whether cars and devices can successfully communicate. That happens this summer. A regional effort with Dublin, Marysville and Union County will eventually extend the test corridor along U.S. 33.

Such technology - using wireless communication, navigation and sensors - is the first step in devising a Smart City, where everyone - from pedestrians to drivers, to buses - is eventually connected to each other and with the devices that regulate traffic.

Tampa’s program has drawn interest from places like Columbus to Denver and by countries from Japan to Israel.


  • Drew Harwell, tech reporter, The Washington Post
  • Robert Frey, director of planning and innovation, Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority
  • Mandy Bishop, project manager, Smart Columbus
  • Russell Holly, contributing editor, Android Central
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