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Movie Theaters And Streaming

color photo of people sitting in a dark movie theater watching a bright white blank screen
Kenneth Lu

A decade ago, you could either watch "Toy Story" during its theatrical release or wait until it came out on DVD or VHS.

Now, thousands of big-name releases are available at the touch of a button in your own home. 

The streaming technology has changed how, why and when we consume movies, mostly affecting theaters, where box office sales plummeted 7 percent compared to last summer. But content producers are worried, too, about how to navigate the shifting sands of the movie industry.

Today on All Sides, the impact of streaming on the film industry. 


  • Kyle Buchanan, pop culture reporter, "The Carpetbagger," awards season columnist, The New York Times 
  • Evan Money, film maker, President of  Take Action Productions production company 
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