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Young Birders

Ken Thomas
Wikimedia Commons

Birding is about more than looking to the sky or the nearest thicket.

The popular pastime also is focused on conservation of the habitat, the wetlands and wildlife areas that attract and harbor birds -- be they migratory or year-round denizens.

That makes grooming the next generation of birders imperative for the likes of Kim Kaufman of the Black Swamp Bird Observatory in northwest Ohio.

Kaufman started the Black Swamp Bird Observatory Ohio Young Birders Club, and her group has organized the Ohio Young Birders annual conference, now in its 12th year at the Grange Insurance Audubon Center in Columbus.

Coming up, nurturing the next generation of birders.  


  • Sarah Winnicki, birder, scientist, keynote speaker for the 12th Annual Young Birder Conference
  • Dr. Bernard Master, retired physician, businessman and internationally recognized conservationist, authorof “No Finish Line: Discovering the World's Secrets One Bird at a Time”
  • Laura Guerard, Black Swamp Bird Observatory, Education Directorand Statewide Coordinator 

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