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Tech Tuesday: Cutting Cable, Kodak’s Future, Android Auto

Kodak Gold Film boxes
MIKI Yoshihito
Kodak is looking to innovate its company after struggling to maintain business since the popularity of digital photography.

2015 is the year people can finally say goodbye to their cable subscriptions. Services like PlayStation Vue and Sling are a few companies among a growing many that are now offering people their favorite cable television channels such as ESPN or AMC.

Plus, in the age of digital photography and cellphones, capturing a photo with film has become obsolete. We will take a look at the future of Kodak, and what the company is doing to remain in business.


  • Ross Miller, writer and Producer at TheVerge.com
  • Quentin Hardy, Deputy Tech Editor, The New York Times
  • Russell Holly, contributing editor at AndroidCentral.com

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