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Voters now required to show photo ID to vote in person under state's new election law


Voters will now be required to show photo identification to vote in person, whether they're voting early or on Election Day. The law eliminates non-photo options, such as a utility bill, bank statement, government check or paycheck.

Early voting ahead of the May 2 primary begins Tuesday under Ohio’s sweeping new election law.

Aaron Sellers, Public Information Officer for the Franklin County Board of Elections, says election officials are working to ensure all voters are able to cast a ballot.

"If somebody does go to the polls and they don't have the proper form of identification, they will be able to cast a provisional ballot and then it will be up to the voter to remedy that with us. We certainly are not in the business of turning people away," Sellers said.

Sellers said early voters can also use the drop boxes at election headquarters to submit absentee ballots.

Voting on the Monday before Election Day will also be eliminated. Those hours will instead be added into the week prior to the election.

State-issued photo IDs will be available free of charge under the new law beginning April 7.