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Leader of Ohio House Democrats says they have tried to comply with redistricting law

Allison Russo
Ohio House Democratic Caucus

The Ohio Supreme Court has ordered the elected officials on the Ohio Redistricting Commission to appear in person Tuesday for a hearing on why they shouldn’t be held in contempt for not passing legislative maps by the court’s deadline of February 17. The leader of minority Democrats in the Ohio House said she isn’t apprehensive about it.

House Minority Leader Allison Russo (D-Upper Arlington) said she and Democratic commission co-chair Sen. Vernon Sykes proposed maps that were rejected by Republican commissioners.

“We have made multiple attempts to work together as a commission to pass constitutional maps so I feel good about having those discussions in front of the justices and presenting that to the court but I do not think they are going to look favorably on the work this commission has done in the past couple of days,” said Russo.

Republican Justices Sharon Kennedy and Pat Fischer oppose the hearing, and Justice Pat DeWine has recused himself because his father, Gov. Mike DeWine, could face consequences if found in contempt. Those 3 of the 7 justices disagreed with the majority of the Ohio Supreme Court that has twice struck down maps submitted by the Ohio Redistricting Commission.

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