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Stories For The Ages: Fun, Freedom and Feeling Alive Later in Life

Stories for the Ages - WOSU Public Media

The stories in this podcast highlight the freedom that comes later in life – freedom to choose activities that fit your personality at the time when heavy work commitments end.

It illustrates how uniquely we each go about the task of ripening into age, and how beautiful it can be for each of us.

Here, two men describe the approaches that have given them years of vitality in their later years.

One is a day-at-a-time and in-the-moment account of a playful and spontaneous 60-year-old who committed to a schedule of regular coffee dates, conversations with friends and spontaneous playfulness to fill his post-work days.

The second story describes a 60-year-old who motivated himself to learn a new field of study, leading to a new profession that served him well for years and a sense of purpose that led to even more encore careers – all because he found the joy of doing work he loved at his own pace.

Letting the days unfold with no master plan was the perfect plan for him.