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Ohio's 2023 political highlights: Abortion rights, legal marijuana and the Householder scandal

Issue 1 supporters celebrate at a watch party.
Sue Ogrocki
Issue 1 supporters celebrate as Rhiannon Carnes, executive director, Ohio Women's Alliance, speaks at a watch party, Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2023, in Columbus Ohio. Ohio voters have approved a constitutional amendment that guarantees the right to abortion and other forms of reproductive health care. The outcome of Tuesday’s intense, off-year election was the latest blow for abortion opponents.

We take a deep dive into the politics of Ohio, reflecting on the eventful year of 2023 and looking ahead to the upcoming 2024.

Joining host Mike Thompson for this discussion is Anna Staver, host of WOSU's All Sides with Anna Staver, the USA Today Ohio Network’s Laura Bischoff, attorney Joseph Mas, a Democrat who is a member of the Ohio Hispanic Coaliton and former Franklin Prosecutor Mike Miller, a long time strong and thoughtful conservative.

The discussion covers a range of hot topics, from the legalization of recreational marijuana to the ongoing debate surrounding abortion rights.

Our panel of political experts delves into the dynamics of state politics, including the impact of high-profile scandals and the implications of endorsements in the U.S. Senate race.

We also award our coveted "Snollygoster of the Year" title to a figure who has made significant waves in Ohio politics.

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