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Extended Interview: Filmmaker Michael Dougherty

Krampus logo
Legendary Pictures
Krampus a new movie directed by Columbus native and film maker Michael Dougherty comes to theatres December 4.

Columbus native Michael Dougherty has written major Hollywood blockbusters such as Superman Returns and X-Men: Apocalypse, but his real passion lies in scaring an audience.  Dougherty wrote and directed the cult classic Trick ‘R Treat and the forthcoming Krampus, in theaters December 4.

Pop Columbus co-host Sean Edgar talked to Dougherty about Krampus, horror movies, and finding success.

Eric French is the staff audio engineer for WOSU and has worked as a musician/producer in music studios for 15 years. Horror hound, motorcycle enthusiast, and baseball fanatic, Eric brings a passion for all things Americana to WOSU’s newest podcast series.
Sean Edgar is an editor at Paste Magazine who has also written and photographed for Playboy, Stereogum and self-titled. A Columbus native, Sean spends most of his time frolicking in Clintonville with his half-dog half coyote companion, Harley.