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Cleveland Cavaliers Join The Offseason After Finals Loss

The Cleveland Cavaliers just ended their season with a Game 6 loss to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, but what lies ahead could be just as interesting.

Will LeBron James stay in Cleveland? What will happen to Kevin Love? Tristan Thompson? Head coach David Blatt? We ask all of this and more when we talked to Zack Meisel of the Cleveland Plain Dealer and Cleveland.com.

Preferential treatment 

It's kind of a no-brainer that athletes at big universities get preferential treatment. That, at least, is the common sense belief. It was largely anecdotal and rarely backed up by evidence, until now. A new Outside The Lines report backs up the long-held opinion of many: Athletes receive special treatment in the eyes of the law.

It happens in some places more than others, but according to the report, it happens. We talk with Patrick Maks, a writer for the New York Times, about what this means.

Ohio State Football

Buckeye football is back, at least out on the practice field. The new freshmen and the veteran upperclassmen are on the field doing workouts and getting ready for fall camp. Who will be playing quarterback for the Buckeyes? What about wide receiver? There are a lot of questions surrounding the National Championship team, so we talked to Eric Seger, a writer for Eleven Warriors.

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